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Monique Mackinnon

Working with Monique

I strengthen individuals’ and companies’ influence and impact by applying and teaching them how to grow their intuitive edge utilizing foresight, insight, and decision-making skills. Areas of successful client work include workplace adaptation/modernization; health and wellness; and leveraging opportunity (what I call "serendipity scanning"), in addition to offering customized consulting, corporate training, and speaking services. My clients range from Olympic athletes to small leadership teams to large conference audiences located worldwide.

I use the Experiential Unity Model, a trauma-informed somatic approach, to help disconnected clients heal. This means helping them let go of their trauma's negative effects. Using mind-body techniques, visualizations, metaphors, and drawings, I guide clients to uncover the root of and resolve their issues.

I’m also the British Columbia Hockey League’s (BCHL’s) Safe Sport Officer for Canadian and American teams. I investigate complaints, allegations, and concerns of possible breaches of the BCHL conduct policies. I guide, mentor, and work with the league’s Athlete Advocates as well.

I’m a trained Level 3 Trauma Informed Practitioner, WEL-Systems Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and hand (fingerprint) analyst. I’m an Honours Bachelor of Physical Education Cum Laude graduate of the University of Ottawa, Canada.

Fun fact: I love fitness and flying!


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  • How To Hack The 5-Digit Code For A Successful Negotiation
  • Moving at the Speed of Trust: Unifying Competing Interests Using the Liberating Structures Model (co-presented with Emily Ellwood)
  • How To Be Visionary: Create Bold Results In Uncertainty

"When I first heard Monique MacKinnon deliver a keynote at the Global Innovation Summit 2016 in Dubai on How to Negotiate and Innovate on the Fly in the VUCA World, I couldn't help but listen to her till the end. VUCA stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous and the relevance of the topic couldn't be denied. Monique spoke about negotiation tactics, using psychology as a tool to understand people and their actions. She shared real-life examples to help us relate to a situation and the steps she took to ensure that the person could emerge as envisioned. A wonderful speaker, her story-telling approach simplified the subject and stressed on the importance and application of negotiation and innovation in very practical terms."

Auritri Chatterjee
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Dubai, UAE

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